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  • Jarles Haskell Eye Clinic is 0-star 0 Reviews

    1501 Columbia St
    Stamford, TX 79553-6832

    Jarles Haskell Eye Clinic

    1. Jarles Haskell Eye Clinic

    Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor


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  • I suppose he can wear anti-glare eyeglasses. It seems that there is no limit that what level of age can wear anti-glare eyeglasses. So you don' t need to worry too much. However, the anti glare coating is usually not

  • Yes. it is okay to put ice on the eyes. It can decrease swelling eyelid. Most of people take it to reduce puffy eyes and eye bags. It is said that cold compress can constrict blood vessels and decrease fluid

  • Yes, it does. Do you know? The nerves in your eyes pass through your sinuses directly to your brain. When your sinuses are inflamed, your nerves will get irritated, which will lead to a sinus infection. And then the pressure

  • I love such a gorgeous underwear in fashion show as well as angels in the Victoria's Secret, although I can not dress as them. Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr capture our attention by her flawless body, creamy skin and adorable

  • People with sunken eyes usually look tired and unhealthy. And there are many causes that can lead to sunken eyes such as sun exposure and unhealthy life style. Luckily, there are some methods to treat it. First, you can take

  • Yes, of course, you can wear fake glasses as long as they well made non-prescription lenses. If you wear non prescription glasses, it won't affect your vision. Since you have perfect vision, you still have perfect vision when you wear

  • First of all, you need to know that contacts are not that helpful to your eyes, especially your dry eyes. You have to know that when you have dry eyes, that means that you may be suffering from sensitive eyes

  • You seem to be an interesting lady, lol. Plano glasses mean that glasses without any correction to the lenses. If you are not a near sighted girl, you can wear plano glasses. You can reassure there will be nothing harmful

  • It depends.If your false eyelashes are long and straight,you had better not wear glasses any more.Because the rub of the two may make your false eyelashes drop.Or your lenses may be damaged by your hard eyelashes.You can choose contacts as

  • It is really hard to tell what sunglasses does Mac Miller wear. As far as i know, he have worn several kinds of sunglasses. But there is a common among his sunglasses: he worn retro style sunglasses. Also, i noticed

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