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  • Bird Eye Institute is 0-star 0 Reviews

    104 Mecia Dr
    Shomonto Sps, FL

    Bird Eye Institute

    1. Bird Eye Institute

    Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor


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  • You can write your name on the frame with nail polish or stick some acrylic tip sets around the frame as decoration. However, I don not think it is a good idea to decorate your sunglasses. Adding unnecessary decorations at

  • Actually, you can use saline instead of contact lens solution to clean and preserve contacts if you don’t have contact lens solution in special circumstances. Normal saline possess the functions of disinfection and moisturizing, and soaking the contacts

  • First,you should know that photophobia is a sensation to light.Generally speaking,it is a fear of light.As you may know,people who suffers from photophobia usually have trouble in staying in shiny indoors or sunny outdoors.They had better wear sunglasses to block

  • As far as i know, not everyone can get eyeglasses with medicare. They medicare only pay for eyeglasses for people who have had cataract surgery. If you eyeglasses or contact lenses are really necessary, medicare may pay for it. However,

  • It could be an inflammation.It can also be an aging problem.But I still suggest you to go to the doctor.But some examples proved that when a person gets a cancer,his or her eyes are easily to turn grey.I am not

  • Yes,you are right.Drinking alcohol can actually lead to big bags under your eyes.Especially after going through one night,your eyes will become puffy and swollen.Haha,everyone knows that baggy eyes are not attractive.Your eyes will be puffy after drinking is coz your

  • If the diopter of your two eyes are different, you should check the package of the contact lenses. Normally there will be marked with diopter number on it. You should put it into the right lens store case with L

  • It is difficult to tell if reading glasses can increase your prescription. In fact, glasses is just a tool to help people see better. They neither make your vision worse nor cure the poor vision. So, wearing reading glasses shall

  • You had better get new ones.However,if you really want to have a shot,you should place them under the room temperature.After they thaw out,you can wear them for a few min.Even if you feel a little uncomfortable,you should take them off

  • Personally, the best comfortable lens tint for the eyes is brown color. Perhaps some people think they are not fashionable and even ugly, the brown tinted sunglasses lenses are the best choices for a comfortable color. They can provide you

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