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Glasses prescription dieffr from Contact lens prescriptions in four ways:1. Refractive distance. The optics of refraction dieffr the farther away the refractive device is from the focal point. Since contacts sit right on the eye's surface, the prescription is dieffrent than a lens in a frame that sits 12 millimeters away. This is called a Vertex conversion, by which the dioptric value of the lens is changed based on its distance from the corneal surface in millimeters.2. Translation of raw lens power into functional refractive option. If you have a mild degree of cylinder or (for the purpose of basic understanding) astygmatism,, then you will be able to still achieve functional vision with a spherical equivalent. Basically, a standard contact lens. If you have a moderate to high amount of astygmatism, then you might require a toric lens that accommodates for this. Further more, since it is impossible for the manufacture to make every single combination of contact lens prescription specifications, sometimes the prescription falls mathematically between numbers, requiring a educated decision between the two. If you have a reading and distance prescription Monovision, mutifocal and bifocal contact lens prescriptions are calculated accordingly.3. Base curve and Diameter. the lens has to fit on the eye surface, obviously. the curvature of the cornea has to be measured and translated into a suitable base curve and diameter. Patients with irregular measurements require a skilled clinician for a proper contact fit.4. Lens material selection. Each lens is made from a dieffrent material, that has dieffrent percentage of water hydration, oxygen permeability and thickness. An examination and planned wearing schedule usually determine these factors.Answer: No. Glasses prescriptions may NOT be substituted or interchanged for contact lens prescriptions. Skilled clinical assessment is required. A well fit contact lens with effortless use may give the impression of a simply fit device. Note: even for contact lenses without magnification.

05/26/2012 BY yoshi