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    Sears Optical

    1. Sears Optical

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Answers - Questions and Answers about Eyewear and Eye Care

  • First of all, you may feel a little bit dizzy and dry eyes when you switch to a pair of new glasses. If so, you need to take off the glasses first. Secondly, you may feel tired or

  • You can turn to making up to compensate your sunken eyes. First of all, you need to fill in the creases around your eyes, as they make your sunken eyes look worse. With less wrinkles, the sunken eyes won't be

  • well, the actresses usually use colored contacts for theatrical use, award party or other shows in order to make them look gorgeous. If you observe their public posters, flyers or leaflets carefully, you can find the contacts easily.

  • Yes, that's true. When we grow old, more collagen and fat is going away from out skin and the elasticity of our skin is decreasing. So it is with the skin around our eyes. Also, the levator muscles weaken over

  • I noticed that the round eyeglasses that david letterman worn online. It is really a common design and style of round eyeglasses. In fact, you can find such shaped eyeglasses at almost every eyeglasses shop. Besides, you can also

  • First of all, you should know that it is just a type of glasses but without frames. Actually, it has many advantages compared to some other kind of glasses, it is very light because of no fame. Of course you

  • I have no idea what are the best brand of computer glasses. And usually, brand eyeglasses are really expensive. Personally, you'd better buy prescription computer glasses if you need vision aids. If you have perfect vision, you can buy a

  • May I know that whether your astigmatism is serious or not? And there is another situation, a patient only have astigmatism in one eye. And according to your description, I guess that you may be in this condition. That is

  • Yes, menopause and menstration are two causes of puffy eyes. When a woman is in her menopause, there is a hormones busrt inside you. As a result, fluid retention will occur inside her body. The fluid stays around her eyes

  • First, where did your friend buy this Prada sunglasses for you? If she bought it in Prada counters, I bet it is definitely real. On the contrary, if it comes from other sources, then you should take some measures to

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