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    Po Box 1024
    San Antonio, FL 33576-1024

    Sams Club

    1. Sams Club

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Answers - Questions and Answers about Eyewear and Eye Care

  • I have never buy things at Walmart, but I hear people say that the things in Walmart are not very bad nor not very good, but Walmart offers 1-year warranty on both frames and lenses. If you want to know

  • If you have the very beautiful blue eyes, you could choose the rimless eyeglasses which could make your blue eyes stand out. The rimless eyeglasses could be perfect for you which is so transparent for you. You could take this

  • To get a good look with big glasses, you shall choose simple designed eyeglasses frame. Beside, you's better tie up your hair. If you have bangs, the bang shall not too long that cover your eyes. Personally, you'd better leave

  • It depends. For example, I paid $70 for my eye exam at lenscrafters. I was told that the dr. at lenscrafters are independent so lenscrafters at different places charge different prices for an eye exam. If you want to get

  • First of all, you should calm down and keep telling yourself that this is really very common and it can be solved easily. Then you need to observe how bad you have got hurt. In this case, it is very

  • Well, it is very easy for you to get free glasses from firmoo. Besides, it is said that their glasses are very stylish and of good quality. Are you a new customer to firmoo? You know, they only send free

  • Many business offer eye exam with cheap prices, such as walmart. If you find costco is near you in your area, they will not cost you too much. Speaking of costco, each one has an Independent doctor, so the price

  • It depends. Progressive lenses can be very expensive. However, it also can be very affordable sometime. For budget people, buying progressive lenses online is a good way to go. And progressive lenses from good online eyeglasses stores are also high

  • There are so many people that can be complimented by aviator glasses. The aviator glasses are usually designed with soft angles with sleek look. That make the glasses can suit almost any face shape. But a sharp, square face will

  • Usually, it may be caused by wearing the wrong contact lenses. If the prescription of the contact lenses is higher than your eyes really need, you will get blurred vision. Also, wearing contact lenses inside out can cause blurred vision

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