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Answers - Questions and Answers about Eyewear and Eye Care

  • Yes, sinus infection can cause red eyes. And the relation between eye sockets and nasal passage are very close. The mucus will accumulate in the narrow passage and the pressure from sinuses may feel like eye pressure. More badly, it

  • Dear friend, you can find fake eyeglasses or clear glasses in any eyeglasses shops. Nowadays, many people will wear glasses as a decoration. They are really cool. But I think the glasses sold online are much cheaper than that in

  • Cat eye glasses are really very classic. They seem to suit any shape of faces and people who wear them always look very cool. No matter children or adults, they can both wear eye cat glasses. The cat eye glasses

  • Polarized sunglasses also a type of sunglasses for eye shielding. They are made of polarized lenses. The lenses are better than common lenses that can improve comfort and visibility. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that can prevent intensive reflective

  • Ok, according to what you said, I think something is not natural, for when we exercise, our eyes would not become red. As far as I know, some people, especially those who have high BP or diabetes would have

  • I know Josh Hamilton. He is a professional baseball player in texas. And i heard that he often wore the Gucci bronze when he acts in movies. But i a;so see some people said online that he wears

  • First, you should know that this phenomenon is the loss of sharpness of vision, which make people fail to see small details. In terms of me, no matter how tiny your problem is, vision problem should never be ignored. However,

  • It depend on your eye condition. As we know, reading glasses are made for people suffered from presbyopia. If you have near vision problems with presbyopia, you can see better when you wear reading glasses. But if you have perfect

  • If you have the very beautiful blue eyes, you could choose the rimless eyeglasses which could make your blue eyes stand out. The rimless eyeglasses could be perfect for you which is so transparent for you. You could take this

  • Well, it is hard to tell whether alcohol can change your eye color or not, because it depends and you do not make yourself clear enough. To some degree, alcohol can change your eye color because after you drink alcohol,

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