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  • Edward Tescher is 0-star 0 Reviews

    1825 Ne 164 St
    N M R, FL 33162-4100

    Edward Tescher

    1. Edward Tescher

    Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor


Answers - Questions and Answers about Eyewear and Eye Care

  • I have the same situation some times. But I do not think it’s serious. General sense of eyelid twitch is caused by spasms of the eyelids. When you sneeze, the face muscles that may affect the eyelid muscle. On the

  • Considering the different design of rimless glasses that there is no frame to hold and protect the lenses, the lenses for rimless glasses shall be durable and sturdy, or it may be easy broken in daily life. From this point,

  • Normally, Bifocus lenses are called Bifocal glasses. They are made from two types of glass with different refractive index bonding or merging together. They are divided into tangible Bifocal glasses and intangible Bifocal glasses. Trifocal glasses are more like bifocal

  • Right eye twitching has different meanings in different omen when it comes to superstition. In India, the right eye twitching is considered to be unpromising for your future. And Chinese think it means the good luck when your right eye

  • It depends. For example, I paid $70 for my eye exam at lenscrafters. I was told that the dr. at lenscrafters are independent so lenscrafters at different places charge different prices for an eye exam. If you want to get

  • Of course not. You have to understand that torn contact lens can be never repaired again. You know, contacts are made of silicone hydrogel, so it can be easily be torn. You have to be very carefu when you are

  • This is not a matter of sunglasses style or something, it's about the frame size. To fit for small head, you shall choose small frame sized sunglasses. If you can't find a suitable pair, you can buy small eyeglasses

  • To counteract your big nose, you can try sunglasses with large, wide frames. A pair of large and wide frame can cover your cheekbones and wrap all the way to your ears. With the contrast of your big framed sunglasses,

  • There are many factors that can cause eye bags under eyes. And the most common causes is sleep deficiency. Besides, aging can also cause eye bags under eyes because the tissues around our peepers change as we get older. In

  • It is really such a bothering thing if there is something wrong with our eyes. And I am sorry to hear about your eye story, but do not worry too much about it, because it is common to have one

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