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    1524 3rd St N
    Jacksonville Bch, FL 32250-7352

    Eye Care For You

    1. Eye Care For You

    Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor


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  • Yes. of course, you can wear polarized bifocal sunglasses for driving as long as you get used to the bifocal lenses. YOU know, different from single vision lenses, bifocal sunglasses are made for help people to see far and

  • When it refers to aviator sunglasses, you are suggested to have a look on some ray ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban sunglasses are considered the best brand to provide aviator sunglasses. If you want to cool and wonderful look, you can

  • Hmm,yellow tinted glasses are helpful for high contrast in any weather.You know,when you shoot,you need to focus on one point.And wearing yellow tinted glasses may not have any shadows.So that you can yellow lenses,all the colors will be shifted to

  • Cold compress has the following benefits: 1. it can clear the brain and eliminate the eye fatigue. 2. Help eye blood vessels constrict and pores repairing, in particular within 24 hours of eye injuries. 3. Play a role in the

  • Well, generally speaking, usher usually wear ray ban aviator sunglasses in many places. By wearing them, it actually makes him look cool and charming in the entire public place. First, you should know that ray ban sunglasses are designed with

  • R u kidding me?There is absolutely no way u can make that.But I think people who work in a professional optical store may have some good ways to aid u to make that.May I know why u want to do

  • Safety glasses, also known as goggles, are made to keep eyes safe in some dangerous environment. For example, if you work in a laboratory that with many chemicals, It is better to wear a pair of safety glasses

  • I recommend you tawny or dark brown sunglasses, because dark brown color absorb 100% infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. What's more, you see things in a milder tone with brown color filtered all the bright glare or blind spot from

  • Actually, I don' t suggest you to do that. But I guess it depends. It depends on the material of your glasses. The coating of your glasses are very important. Most good glasses have good coating such as anti reflective

  • Well,I have to say that you do have very rich imagination.Why do you want to drink eye drops?You are not allowed to drink eye drops because of their containing tetrahydrozoline You can't take it as a joke,It is dangerous for

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