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    109 N Runnels St
    De Kalb, TX

    The Optical Shoppe

    1. The Optical Shoppe

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  • Well, I have to admit that I think it would be like watching a horrible movie if I see someone's eyes are bleeding. Actually, bleeding eye is a serious kind of fundus disease. But it is quite normal that one

  • Yes, it does, you don' t need to worry about that. Vc eyewear has a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed return policy. But you have to keep one thing in your mind, the eyewear you received should be kept in the

  • People with sunken eyes usually look tired and unhealthy. And there are many causes that can lead to sunken eyes such as sun exposure and unhealthy life style. Luckily, there are some methods to treat it. First, you can take

  • It is true that eyeglasses can correct vision problems. In fact, eyeglasses are just tool to help people see better. But eyeglasses can't cure vision problem. In common, nearsightedness, and farsightedness are the most common vision problems. And people suffered

  • This hair style really highlights his face shape and features, meaning that the choices are endless. There are several rules were given as followed. 1, Metal rimmed sunglasses look great with his hair style. 2, No hair means a blank

  • Personally, if you want to get suitable sunglasses for your wide nose bridge, you shall choose sunglasses with wide bridge distances so as to give you comfortable wear. And if you consider the outlook of your sunglasses, you can try

  • Yeah, sure. Cat eye glasses suit some face shapes such as triangular, round and square because they can balance the faces out. Besides, cat eye glasses has various kinds and it will be easy for you to pick up a

  • Tissues? Maybe, typically, I used to clean my lenses with tissues, even my clothes. Anyway, that is not a good thing. For some tissues of poor quality might scratch your lenses, leading to some visual distractions, so you'd better

  • No, only redness can't tell that your baby has conjunctivitis. Check if he has other symptoms like itchiness, tearing, pain, sensitivity to light, swollen eyelids and excessive eye discharge. If he does have these symptoms, he may be suffering from

  • It depends. There are various cheap sunglasses. Some of the are just fashion accessories and won't protect for your eyes. But there are some sunglasses that come from common brand but can provide eye protection for the eyes. You can

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