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  • Dupuy Offices is 0-star 0 Reviews

    629 High Street
    Comfort, TX 78013-2350

    Dupuy Offices

    1. Dupuy Offices

    Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor


Answers - Questions and Answers about Eyewear and Eye Care

  • As a matter of fact, it is true that Ipad or other electric products might be harmful for children's eyes, and of course ours. Because those products give out a lot of radiation and lights , in the meantime, kids'

  • Nowadays energy drinks is becoming more and more popular. However, it is not always useful to drink energy drinks. As we all know, there are many side effects if it was misused. As a matter of fact,

  • Maui Jim is a America brand that produce sunglasses and eyeglasses. And all Maui Jim sunglasses are featured with UV-Ray blocking polarized lenses. They are high-end manufacturer of luxury sunglasses based in Maui, Hawaii. And so far,

  • It is not an easy problem to solve. After all, glasses are very fragile while super glue is quite stubborn. It depends on what kind of glasses do you have, glass lenses or plastic lenses. Don' t worry, I will

  • For people who first wearing glasses, they may feel discomfort even if the eyeglasses make the see better and more clear. Besides, people who first wearing glasses are not suggested to wear the eyeglasses for a long time continuously. In

  • Sunglasses that reflect or filter out 99-100% of UVA and UVB light, with wavelengths up to 400 nm, are UV400 protection on sun glasses. These kind of sun glasses are more protective than the usual ones, and they are better

  • To be honest, I am not quite sure how to tell this. But why don' t you buy them from the counter since you like them so much? I know sometimes the prices will be much cheaper online than in

  • Well, they do have negtive effects on her eyes. The colored or painted contact lenses can abrase her cornea. The situation will get worse, if she has dry eyes. She may suffer from infection and inflammation from wearing those contact

  • Yes, of courses, you can wear sunglasses with a fedora. In fact, there are many celebrities wear hat with sunglasses. They look so cool and mysterious. As the sunglasses style, you can choose anyone that fit for your face. Just

  • Yes, it is very normal, but you should still be careful when drinking. Do you know? When you drink, your blood vessels dilate and your body dehydrates, naturally, your eyes will turn red. If your eyes get very red, you

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