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  • Canadian Eye Care Clinic is 0-star 0 Reviews

    306 Main St
    Canadian, TX 79014-2215

    Canadian Eye Care Clinic

    1. Canadian Eye Care Clinic

    Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

  • Lusk Robert G is 0-star 0 Reviews

    306 Main St
    Canadian,TX 79014
    (806) 323-8484

    Lusk Robert G

    2. Lusk Robert G

    Category: Optical Stores


Answers - Questions and Answers about Eyewear and Eye Care

  • It depends.My doctor once told me that they would finally go away.But the time couldn't be sure.But according to his previous patients,most of them usually take years to get rid of them,and some of others are suffering form this.They really

  • Puffy eyes can be caused by many problems including excessive sleep, drinking too much water before going to bed, conjunctivitis, alleries and sties. See if your daughter has other symptoms apart from puffy eyes? If she also feel itchy, pain

  • It could be an inflammation.It can also be an aging problem.But I still suggest you to go to the doctor.But some examples proved that when a person gets a cancer,his or her eyes are easily to turn grey.I am not

  • HAHA,this is a good way to protect ur eyes.But I don't suggest u to do this for too long.U need to know that doing this for too long will cause ur eye stain quite easily and I don't think this

  • Usually it is ok,but you had better consult your doctor first.If you plan to have your laser eye surgery,you should make your eyes free of contact lens for a few weeks.That is,you should wear glasses every day.You know,wearing contacts can

  • Yes, it is true that some Ray Ban sunglasses are made in China. You don't need to worry about the quality problem, because the company will not sacrifice the quality as the price for lower cost. In fact, China is

  • Right, it is a nice place for you to choose your lenses. I have to remind you that they sell lenses not glasses. Usually, people send their frames to lensdirect and then lensdirect will help you to install lenses. You

  • It just depends.If your eyes just purely get burst blood vessel,you can rest assured to wear your contacts.But don't wear them if you find it uncomfortable to wear.However,there is another situation.Sometimes the burst blood vessel in your eyes can also

  • Actually,the symptoms of a pink eye can be identified very easily.In the first period,you will find your eyes inflamed and irritated.Along with these symptoms is sensation in your eyes.And this usually makes you think that you may get something in

  • Oh,it is hard to say.Coz this can be caused by many reasons.If you watch carefully,you may find that it is easy for the whites of your eyes turning red when you are coughing,sneezing,doing exercise and taking a shower.But when you

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