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    2507 Kennedy Circle
    Brooks Afb, TX 78235-5116

    Usaf Sam

    1. Usaf Sam

    Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor


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  • In the event of dehydration, one may have symptoms including lowered blood pressure, headache, blurred vision, and dizziness or fainting while standing. Drink plenty of water after the person becomes active. Since minerals and salts are lost a lot through

  • How can that happen? I have been wearing glasses for over 20 years and my nose shape never changes. I don' t deny that there are usually some faint line where the glasses have been. But after hours of sleep,

  • You are right,high blood pressure can definitely cause eye twitching.High blood pressure can damage the small vessels in the eyes and you are also risking the potential possibility for retinal detachment.What is more,if you get blood in your eyes,that is

  • Don't panic first!You should flush your eyes with clean water right away.By the way,use cold water instead of warm water.Please don't rub your eyes while washing,because you will make things worse if you do that.You know,alcohol is very caustic and

  • Since you just want to buy glasses for style, you can choose to buy non prescription glasses. Don' t worry, non prescription glasses will not damage your eyesight. You can purchase them either online or in an eyewear shop. Pick

  • No, it is not a disease. You are thinking too much, It is a normal phenomenon. You know, after you do exercise for a long time, you will produce sweat. And your sweat will go into your eyes. That is

  • Yes, too much light is bad for the eyes. When your eyes expose in too much light, it will cause rapid adaptation of the eye through the cones and rods. It is easily cause the eye muscles to incur some

  • At first, I am sorry to hear that. Then, you need to know exactly what kind of color blindness that he suffered. I mean, apart from those who can only see the world in black and white, so-called total color

  • So, far, i never seen an insurance plan that cover non-prescripption sunglasses/eyeglasses. But if you have some eye diseases that need sunglasses, it may possible to get sunglasses through insurance. In fact, if you want to save money,

  • Well,I suggest u not to do that.U should know that once u get super glue on ur lenses.It will be very hard to remove them.Maybe u can fix ur glasses with super glue but u can't do it urself.U should

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