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    1126 Chase Park Dr
    Bacliff, TX 77518-2485

    Anja Boedecker

    1. Anja Boedecker

    Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor


Answers - Questions and Answers about Eyewear and Eye Care

  • First of all, you should choose the kind of sunglasses that would protect your eyes and your vision. That is what you should put firstly when you are choosing yourself sunglasses. Normally, you can choose some ordinary sunglasses that can

  • Well,in terms of this,u can just adjust ur earpiece a little bit tight and then ur glasses can stay on ur nose steadily.However,as to this,I don't think u can finish this urself,u had better take ur glasses to an optical

  • Usually, if people get stronger prescription glasses, they can't get better focus through the lenses. Besides, in most of cases, people may get blurry vision, headache and dizziness when wearing strong prescription eyeglasses. So, if you have above symptoms when

  • Don't worry too much. You can apply a warm compress that will relieve your watery eyes. Besides, green tea especially the cold green tea can help. You can apply place one tea bag over each eyelid, which can work. Also

  • All right, it appears that you are very interested in castor oil, which is one of the most natural products being used in both industries and food business. However, from what I know, castor oil is not mainly used

  • It really bothers people too much when they are skiing with their ski goggles on, and then all of a sudden, their ski goggles start to fog up. And I dare say that this kind of situation happens to a

  • This question are so strange, they wear purple lenses glasses because they love purple color. I also saw a famous signer Justin Bieber worn such purple lenses glasses. It look great. Maybe people wear purple lenses glasses to follow

  • Wow,this can be a real tough work,I think.U know that u can easily destroy ur glasses if u don't pay enough attention.That is why I always send my glasses to an optical store if there r any wrong with them.However,if

  • For some people, sunglasses is a part of the rave culture. They need a pair of glasses so that they can keep tracks of visions of their eyes. Also, some say he or she hates the way his or her

  • First of all, you need to check how serious is the problem, as human normally have worse vision at night. Compare your night vision with people around you. Is your vision much worse than them? Meanwhile, ask youself when your

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