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Find Art-Craft Eyeglasses and Sunglasses in Latest Fashion

Art-Craft eyeglasses and sunglasses are favored by an increasing number of fashionistas for they have the power to add a cutting edge to the wearer's look. This fine collection features good quality martials, fashionable styles, different size and color choices. These Art-Craft eyewear not only adds a finishing touch to your image but also gives you extreme comfort. With a wide selection of frame styles, you are sure to find the one that complements your face

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  • Art-Bilt 100A ST Ful-Vue Skull Temples

    1 reviews

    I ordered the eyeglasses frame with Gold 49276 color for my father for his reading glasses. It looks classic. But the slim frame seems not strong enough. I just doubt if the eyeglasses are durable. luckily, my father love the eyeglasses frame

  • Art-Bilt 100A ST Ful-Vue Front

    1 reviews

    Really classic eyeglasses. Also, they are light weight! I love such retro and classic eyeglasses. But It's a pity that the eyeglasses frame seems bigger for my face. I tired. But i can't hold the eyeglasses. Nevertheless, i still like the classic eyeglasses. I will keep it into my eyeglasses collection.

  • Art-Bilt Rimway Front

    1 reviews

    To my delight, these glasses are on the small side, which can be perfect for my tiny face. Yeah, they are exactly what I have been looking for. Very sturdy and light weight. They don' t put marks on my nose, which I hate. Overall, i am very satisfied with this product. I already recommend them to my other friends, lol.

  • Art-Bilt 100A Ful-Vue Cable Temples

    1 reviews

    I strongly recommend my friends to buy this type. Mine is with progressive lenses. Contemporary frames are getting smaller and smaller. If you are a fashionable guy, you can never miss this type. Just one little thing confuses me, why my hinges are so tight? Never mind, I am sure it is not a big problem.

  • Art-Bilt Rimway Skull Temples

    1 reviews

    I search these Art-Craft Art-Bilt Rimway Skull Temples Eyeglasses to my grandfather for many days. But it is really difficult to find it. Finally, i found a pair online and ordered it. Personally, i don't think the eyeglasses is beautiful. But my grandfather loves it. It is a really classic look. Anyway, i am happy to bought it.