Will wearing slightly scratched eyeglasses hurt my vision ?

I noticed that my eyeglasses lenses got some scratches. Can i continue wear my eyeglasses? Or it will hurt my eyes if wear them?
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  • craziblondi36

    I have experience of wearing scratched eyeglasses. I feel the same as i wear good eyeglasses. I still can see thing clearly. But an optician told me that it is bad for eyes to wear scratched eyes. He said that the scratches often occurs on the lens coating. If they have scratches, the lenses can't provide your eyes well protection from reflective light from computer screen, TV screen etc. If you often wear scratched eyeglasses, it can damage your eyes. Personally, you'd better buy a new pair for the sake of your eyes.
  • Danielle may

    I think of course the scratched eyeglasses will have some feedbacks on your eyes. The vision problem may become more serious. And it will cause many inconveniences such as mistakes and danger. when you are driving at night, the scratched lenses can't protect your eyes well from hash light that may lead to traffic accidents. we all know that if we had a bad insight, we are not allowed to drive cars unless we have a suitable eyeglasses.

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