Will the sunglasses lose UV protection if they get wet?

Will the sunglasses lose UV protection when they get wet with water?
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  • Barry

    I don't think this will happen.U should know that if ur sunglasses can lose uv protection that easily,it will be very possible that ur sunglasses never have that function.That is why I always tell my friends to buy good sunglasses instead of some fashionable but cheap glasses.I really would love to recommend a good brand to u.First of all,I should claim that I am not advertising here but I really think rayban sunglasses r really amazing.U might as well have a look.
  • Sally

    How can that happen?If that really happens,then I have to say that how bad ur sunglasses r.And I would love to recommend u to buy a new pair.What kind of sunglasses can lose uv protection just cuz of getting wet?That is very ridiculous.There is nothing can say about this except how terrible the quality of those sunglasses r.According to what I know,most of sunglasses have their uv protection between the two layers.To be honest,I really think it would be very hard if they want to make the uv protection from the sunglasses.

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