Will infrared light hurt your eyes?

People say infrared light can damage eyes badly. Really? My little boy always plays with toys which has infrared light, should I stop him playing those toys any more?
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  • Christian scott

    Yes, infrared light will damage your eyes badly, especially when it comes to your eyes directly. You should better stop your little boy play with toys which have infrared light. Or else, his eyes nerves will be damaged if lighted directly often. You should let him play with the toys with no infrared lights. This point is very important.
  • Jordyn adams

    Infrared light is electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths. In general, infrared light can be used as a heating source. So it is maybe very hot. And it will be burned when it concentrate. Damage can be caused with extremely long exposure under the infrared. Infrared light causes damage to your retina, cornea, iris and lens. Toys usually emit red light rather than infrared. And infrared can not be seen by human eyes. So do not worry about that.
  • Jack taylor

    You had better stop your son from doing that. Infrared light can be very bad for people' s health coz they can destroy eye tissue. You have to know that infrared light can be absorbed by human eyes. And that is why you will have a feel of burn. However, if your son insist playing with those toys, you had better prepare some proper eye pritections.

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