Will eye pressure fluctuate?

I am told that eye pressure usually go up and down, is that true? Why does that happen?
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    Technically speaking, eye pressure is named intraocular pressure which is a measurement of the fluid inside the eye. And this fluid helps the eye maintain its round shape. Furthermore, the fluid flows into the front portion of the eye through the opening of the iris. Fluid in the eye is always moving circularly. Therefore, the eye pressure will fluctuate unceasingly. It is the truth. Thanks.
  • walkingwolf2004

    Yes, it is very normal, and you really don' t need to wrry too much about that. Trust me, everything will be fine. What you really need yo do now is to get a real good rest. And remember to get your eyes enough rest. Besides, you also need to give your eyes fresh breath. I wish you could get better very soon and you wil be fine.

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