Why some people can't wear contact lenses?

Can anyone tell me that why some people can not wear contacts? Does that mean if there is something wrong with their eyes?
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  • Hunter jackson

    Yes, it is so true that some people cannot wear contacts. But it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with their eyes, because there are many kinds of situation that do not allow people to wear contacts. So the reasons why some people cannot wear contacts differ according to their situations. Normally, people who have eye problems such as inflammation of the cornea and monocular vision. They cannot wear contacts because if they do, their eyes can be ruined. There are also some periods that do not allow people to wear contacts, for example, people at the ages between 40 to 60, people who are catching a cold, or women who are in pregnancy or having their periods. Besides, children who are under the age of 18 should not wear contacts, because their eyes are not grown yet. You should also know that people who have diabetes or hypertensive diseases cannot wear contacts as well.
  • Tessence

    Well, the compositions of our contact lens contains non-water-containing plastic and water-containing plastic according to individual eye condition, especially when you have sensitivities to wearing lenses. To some people with astigmitism, he can ask for a little heavier contacts if they want, and they need to check the size of the lenses in order to fit their eye correctly by their opticians and keep lubricating their eyes, or they will feel terribly discomfortable, particularly to the dry eyes. Besides, those who react to the many type of cleaning solution are recommended to wear rimmed glasses.

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