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Why does my vision get blurry when hungry?

I don' t know why I usually get blurry vision when I am hungry. What does that mean?
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  • colors8282

    Your get vision blurry when you are hungry can be caused by low blood sugar, which is also called hypoglycemia. If you skip meals, especial breakfast, then your blood sugar levels will drop, and blurry vision, fatigue, poor concentration, and lethargy results may appear together. When you your vision become blurry for the reason of low blood sugar, you can drink a cup of juice or milk to relief the symptoms. Irregular eating habits is bad for your body, in order to stay healthy, you should keep a regular and balanced diet!
  • eddy

    Hungry can lower blood sugar, with symptoms such as weakness, irritability, and fatigue. Blood sugar is a measurement of the amount of glucose in your body. Glucose is a sugar that comes from food and it gives your body energy. The eye is the most important organ in the head which requires nutrients such as glucose to support its function. Therefore, eating a balanced diet helps keep your blood sugar in a normal range and prevents that drizzle feeling when your blood sugar drops.
  • cook

    It is very common that someone will get blurry vision when he is hungry. Especially, when he has been hungry for a while or he is very hungry, he can easily get blurry vision. And the reason is simple, too. When you are hungry, there is a short of oxygen supply in your brain. And the short of oxygen leads to your blurry vision. At this moment, you should take in some carbohydrate right away.

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