Why does my left eye squint when i smile?

It happens to me that my left eye usually squint when I smile, how come?
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  • Catherine

    Actually, I am not surprised by your situation at all, because it happens to a lot of people, a lot. Among those people, some are born that way. Their eyes usually squint when they smile, when they laugh, or even when they feel surprised. Some people think it is cute, but some people think it is weird. However, the other people among the kind are not born that way. It just happens to them sometimes to one or both of their eyes. And this happens because when you smile or laugh, your nerves around your eyes cramp, then your eyes will squint. This is not serious and there is no need to be worried about. You can give your eyes a massage when this happens. Besides, you should also take full arranges of nutrition in daily life.
  • carolynx66

    Do you have a vision problem? Does this happen naturally or you have just control over your left eye. I think if a person does not have good clear vision, he/she may need to squint in order to see a little better, no matter whether the person is smiling or not. If frequent or constant squinting occurs, maybe you need an eye exam to determine the cause.

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