Why does my eyes hurt when i blink?

Recently my eyes always hurt when I blink. Is that a kind of disease? How to relieve this?
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  • evelyn

    Maybe it is a kind of disease or maybe it is just your using your eyes too much. Anyway, you had better go to a doctor. According to I, you may get a slight eye infection by rubbing your eye or just scratching it by accident. Do not deal with it yourself. If you wash it yourself, you may make things worse. Try to cool down yourself and then go to see a doctor. I guess your problem may be solved by some eye drops. Take good care of yourself and get more sleep. When you are working, make sure that your eyes can get a rest once a while. Best wishes to you!
  • Jocelyn david

    Well,I had that situation a lot of times.And most of the time,it turned out that just the dirt or an eyelash was stuck in my eyes.Every time I blinked,I felt awfully pain in my eyes.If what you meet is this situation,you can wash your eyes with clean water,definitely clean water.Or,try rolling down your eyeballs first,maybe the dirt or the eyelash may come out.However,look into the mirror first.If you find nothing in your eyes while keep feel painful when blinking.Then it is your time to go to the doctor.Well,I hope this helped.

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