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Why does my eye water when i lay on my side?

Each time I lay on my side, and my eyes usually water, why?
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  • Johnny W.

    Actually, I think it is not normal. Maybe something is wrong with your eyes or your other parts of body. As far as I have concerned, people usually get watery eyes when they are facing strong wind or getting an eye infection. But you don' t need to worry too much. Your watery eyes may be caused by some other reasons such as sensitivity to the strong light, stressful eyes and so on. Of course the best way for you is to consult a doctor for some professional suggestions. Hope this works.
  • Caitlin

    We often shed tears to lubricate our eyes all the time, but these tears will be drained out with nasal-lacrymal duct. When you change the position like sleeping on the side, it becomes difficult for tears to run out from your nasal-lacrymal duct. As a result, these tears accumulate and run out from your eyes. What's more, you possibly suffer from more serious eye strain and discomfortable due to an imbalance posture. If you have astigmatism, this situation will get worse. As a result of eye strain, your eyes are stimulated to produce more tears than usual.
  • Robert murphy

    All right, it seems that there is something wrong with your eye health, which gave rise to that problem. Anyway, from my personal experience, you might have got blocked tear ducts, which made that happen. Because blocked tear ducts would generate a lot of tears and when you lay down, tears would not flow into your throat, thus, they would flow out of your eyes. I suggest that you try to consult a professional doctor and try to take care of your eye health in every aspect.
  • Samuel hill

    According to your account, I can see that there is something wrong with your eyes. But a lot of individuals can get that. Maybe you are allergic to something in your bedding. Or you could have a blocked tear duct, which called dacryostenosis. When your eyes are tearing and the tears from watering eyes help protect your eyes by keeping them moist and washing out dust. So you should visit a doctor and ask for some professional advices.

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