Why does my eye hurt when i have a cold?

One of my eye usually hurt when I was having a cold. Is that normal and common? I am a little worried. Please help me with this, thanks.
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  • Brandon

    Don' t worry. This is quite a common and normal phenomenon. When you are having a cold, your eyes will get nerves fatigue and blood congestion. You know, once your blood get congested, your eyes will be swollen, and then tears run out themselves. However, at this time, you should go to see a doctor or go to the drugstore to get some nutrients or pills. Remember to drink plenty of water every day and keep your window open to let the fresh air in. You will get better very soon.
  • cocky_bitch

    Relax,it is really normal.Think about it,when you have a cold,the muscle lining around your eyes has to suffer from the pain caused by your sinus infection.Since the two places are getting too close, as a result,it will affect the nerves and muscles around your eyes.It is no big deal.Usually,your eyes will turn red and you may also get watery eyes.all of those phenomenon are quite normal,don't worry.You will get better very soon.May god bless you!

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