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Why does Bruno Mars always wear sunglasses?

It is weird that Bruno Mars nearly wears glasses all the time, why?
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  • Gail

    If you have paid attention to the stars from home and abroad, you will find that not only Bruno Mars wears glasses all the time, but almost all the stars wear glasses all the time. No matter it is summer or it is winter, we can see that almost all the glasses all the year round. Somebody may say that it seems all stars have eye problems or they are all glasses fevers. Actually there are many reasons for stars like Bruno Mars to wear glasses like all the time. First of all, they need glasses to make them look cooler and more fashionable. They are telling people that they are fashion already with glasses. Secondly, they need glasses as protectors for their eyes. They are famous, as well as their eyes. Thirdly, most stars do not want to be recognized by people when they are out. So they often wear glasses as a cover while they are out. I think Bruno Mars may wear glasses for the same reasons.

    Bruno Mars is one of my favorite singers. He is also a songwriter and producer. As a interesting and talented person, he possesses so many music styles such as hip hop, r&b, soul, rock and pop. I greatly fancy his title song 'Grenade'. I highly recommend it! Both 'All She Knows' and 'Nothing On You' fascinate me greatly. Well, as for recent his appearance, I need to say, he may involve in an advertising campaign to public some glasses as his fans will copy the fashion style, and then improve the sales. By the way, his versatility never fail to excite me.

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