Why do we get double vision when drunk?

Every time I got drunk, I usually got double vision, why does that happen? Do I need to go to have my eyes checked?
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  • crazyforluke

    According to scientific analysis, alcohol affects the nerves in your brain and brain stem that govern movements of your eyes. It can slow down your brain so you cannot get the eyes quickly tracking on something. The time it takes to get the images formed in your eyes to fuse, namely, to give you a single image increases when you are drunk. Covering one eye can get rid of this problem because you do not have your brain comparing the two images. You just have one image.
  • Robert

    When you say you get drunk, you mean you have had a large amount of alcohol. And you should also know that normally when people get drunk, they will also have the feeling of dizziness. Then naturally, you will have a fair chance of getting double vision when you are in dizziness. So your dizziness caused by drinking so much alcohol can be a reason why you get double vision when you get drunk. Besides, you must have known already that alcohol can numb your nerves, including nerves around your eyes. So it can also be your numbed nerves that cause you double vision. All in all, you should get away from alcohol, at least you should not get yourself drunk often. But if you still worried that much, you can also go to have your eyes checked.
  • Jade

    As you know, the brain and nerves control your eye movements and tracking. Alcohol affects the coordination of the movement of body, and impairs judgment and slows down our responses. Therefore, it slows down the brain so you cannot get the eyes tracking quickly. When you drink, you will get two images from your two eyes asynchronously. You need not have an eye check.

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