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Why do stars always wear sunglasses?

Have you ever found that a lot of stars like wearing sunglasses whatever season is? Why do they like wearing sunglasses so much?
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  • Kristin

    First of all, you should know that a lot of stars have lots of crazy fans. Although they are happy when they are supported by their fans, but I don' t think they would like to be followed by fans in their daily life. Actually, they also want the same life with ours. They also need privacy and personal life. You know, no one likes personal life to be exposed. However, some other stars wear sunglasses coz they think sunglasses make them look quite cool and nice. Haha, as you know, Julie usually loves wearing sunglasses with Brad. I love both of them.
  • Guava

    As long as I can see, there are quite a few reasons for stars to wear sunglasses. And I have to say the most popular reason that stars may wear sunglasses is that sunglasses make them look fabulous and fashionable. I guess the second reason is that they think if they wear sunglasses, they might not that easy be recognized by people like us. Because you know they are famous and they can be caught in crowds surrounded by people. Stars are also people, but they often have to work late at night and therefore get dark circles. So my third reason for them to wear sunglasses is that they need them to cover their black eyes or red eyes after late night work or after a fight.
  • handwithlighter

    Stars will wear sunglasses for several reasons: Firstly, stars wearing a pair of sunglasses look very cool. Though they can leave a good image to their fans. Secondly, they want to guid the fashion trends in society and make their extra money on advertising of sunglasses. Thirdly, their emotions such as anger or fatigue are hidden under a pair of sunglasses. Furthermore, they have to avoid the bad effect of light flash. Moreover, the stars don't want to be noticed and recognized by others.
  • Shelby rodney

    Ok, since you are quite intersted in why most of the stars wear sunglasses, I can tell you the reasons. Genearally speaking, stars try to wear sunglasses in order to be cool and appeare more attractive, making themselves mysterious, also, with sunglasses, they become less likely to get identified in public, pravite issues, in addition, they also try to protect their eyes , at least sometimes.

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