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Why do people who wear glasses look weird without them?

Sometimes I find that people who always wear glasses will look weird if they don' t wear. Has anyone had the same feel with me?
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  • Jacqueline hall

    Yes, I have used to wear a pair of glasses for ten years ago. Sometimes, my friends said that I looked weird without wearing glasses. People have adapted to your facial features well when you wear glasses. On the contrary, people do not feel weird if they have not seen you with glasses. So glasses frame shape can make a huge difference in setting off face. Choosing a pair of proper glasses to fit your face is an important thing.
  • Melissa garcia

    Yes, I have the exactly same feeling with you. And I guess that many people would agree with us because it is such a common thing. If there is somebody you used to know who is always wearing makeup every time you see her, you will also think it is weird if you see her without wearing any makeup. It is the same thing. And that happens because you get used to it and you are so familiar with it. So if one day, there is any change, you will find out the difference, and then you need some time to get used to the change. However, there can also be some other reasons that you think people who always wear glasses will look weird if they do not wear some time. If a person always wear glasses or wear glasses too often, there will be some changes around his eyes which also make him look different.
  • Ronda

    Weird? I cannot agree with you on this here. For that totally depends on different people, and what matters more is that the weird feeling is just a matter of unfamilarity. Since you continued to see the guy with glasses, once you catch him without glasses, you are bound to have a different feeling. However, what should be noted is that some people, are prettier without glasses, while some others are not.

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