Mariah shelley

Why do my glasses make my eyes get tired?

I usually feel so tired after I wearing my glasses for a long time. Why? Do I need to change my glasses frequently?
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  • eeniemeenie005

    Yeah, if this happens for long. I think you should change your glasses. Because your vision may fail to adapt to your glasses. However, in another situation, if you sit in front of the computer or TV for a long time, that will leads to your eyes getting tired much more easily. You should look out through the window once in a while to relax your eyes. Don' t ignore those problems. And by the way, try to get enough sleep every day, which can protect your eyes, too. Of course you can go to a doctor for some professional suggestions. However, you don' t need to change your glasses too frequently. Just remember to check your eyes every year and the doc will tell you whether your glasses need to be changed or not. Well, hope this worked.
  • Kyle

    First I want to know one thing. Does your glasses prescription fit with your eyesight? You should know that we change our glasses every year coz we have to test our eyesight every year. And once our glasses can' t fit with our eyesight, our eyes will easily get tired. You can got to the eyewear store to adjust your glasses to see if it can release your tiredness.

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