Why do my eyes turn red when i exercise?

Each time when I am exercising, my eyes will turn red soon, which really freaks me out. Is that a kind of serious disease?
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  • david

    Do exercise can make the whites of your eyes turn red. Some of the exercises such as running, playing balls and lifting weights require straining and cause your heart rate increased. And they can cause blood vessels expand including those in your eyes. Therefore, the pressure is more higher and the blood vessels in your eye can turn to red more quickly. But it is not a kind of serious disease. Don't worry about it.
  • Gabriel leonard

    Don't let this freak you out. It is normal when this happens when you are doing some exercise. Because when you are exercising, your blood flow too fast all of a sudden and then you get bloodshot eyes. Under this situation, you should do some warming up before you do exercise. In addition, you should do exercise more often regularly.
  • Adriane

    Ok, according to what you said, I think something is not natural, for when we exercise, our eyes would not become red. As far as I know, some people, especially those who have high BP or diabetes would have red eyes after sports, or some other problems. So I suggest that you should limit your sports activities, try to strike a balance and take more rest. Also, pay attention to your diet .

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