Mackenzie rose

Why do my eyes keep twitching ?

Recently, I have found that my eyes keep twitching very often. I want to know why this happens.
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  • warren

    As far as I have concerned, one of the main factors of eye twitching is allergy. If you work too much in your daily life, or you are too worried about something, or you are burdened with too much pressure, you may get eyes twitching very easily. It is no big deal, but you still can' t ignore this. Coz sometimes it may also be caused by some diseases. In another situation, after you use your eyes too much, your eyes will become dry and fatigue, then your eyes will twitch. What you need is a good rest, a healthy diet and a good mood every day. Please stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and junk food. However, if your eye twitching has been kept for a long time, then you should go to the doctor for some professional suggestions. Be happy, it will be fine.
  • elbcoastboy

    All right, it happens anyway. As far as I know, twitching eyes is one of the symptoms of a particular problem with our health, such as deprivation of sleep, physical disorders, lack of vitamins, infections with eyes, etc. Therefore, it would be wise for you to find out what precisely led to your twitching eyes, and take some consequent measures to fix it. Also, try to pay attention to your diet and rest. Keep in a good mood also helps with you.
  • Makayla

    As we all know, eye twitching is spontaneous and uncontrolled spasms of the muscles that move the eyelid. Eye twitching usually is harmless and it can disappear by its own, but it can be really annoying. It is acknowledged that many factors may lead to twitching eye. 1: In most cases, eye twitching can happen because of lack of sleep, fatigue and stress. These are the most common reasons that lead to eye twitching. 2: Besides, excessive abuse of caffeine and alcohol can result in eye twitching, too. 3: At the same time, spending too much time on computer, or TV can make eye twitching. 4: At last, allergies may irritate our eyes, and it is likely to have twitching eye. In conclusion, in order to prevent twitching eye, you had better have a regular and healthy life. Taking enough sleep and keeping a good mood are quite necessary. Try to stop smoking and drinking.
  • William edward

    Yes, eye twitching is very common but also very annoying, but you should not ignore it just because you think this is common. You know what? Eye twitching is a symbol that there is something wrong with your health and you really need to pay attention to this. In most cases, this is caused by stress and eye strain, and this symptom will be gone if you get your eyes to have enough rest every day. Do not worry any more, everything will be fine and you will recover very soon.

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