Why do my eyes hurt when i'm tired?

Why do my eyes hurt when i'm tired?
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  • Isabelle duncan

    It means your eyes are straining. You need to give your eyes a good rest, friend. Especially for people who often sit in front of the computer, their eyes are easier to get dry, tired and stressful. I suggest you to take a break every one hour, even if you can just close your eyes for four or five min. But it can absolutely help you to be energetic again. There is another way, that is, adjust the brightness of your computer screen, which is less harmful to your eyes. I can only say less harmful because the computer screen can never be good to your eyes. Do you have a good living habit? I mean, do you get enough sleep every day? Do you drink enough water every day? They can help you to reduce the pain in your eyes. Remember not to rub your eyes when your eyes get hurt.
  • Anna

    This situation may be caused by a lack of iron. This is why your eyes become fragile when you feel tired. You can take some measures to solve this by taking some supplements. But you had better take them through fresh vegetable and fruit. Vitamins in them are very fresh and alive. Try eating more tomatoes and carrots. Carrots are very good for your vision. And if you have to work long in your office, try to make the window open all the time. Fresh air is also very good for your eyes. You have to know that one of the reasons of your eyes hurting is dry eyes. So don' t rub them when your eyes are painful. If this situation goes on, you should go to the doctor. Good luck!!

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