Why do my eyes burn after wearing contacts?

It is weird that my eyes burn after I wearing my contacts. How come?
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  • Shelby

    Ok, it seems that you are not doing well with your contact lenses. It is true that some people are not suitable for contact lenses all the time. Or perhaps you are much too tired recently. In a word , the causes of your burning eyes may be various, such as a lack of rest, the wrong type of contact lenses, etc. I suggest that you stop using them until you are physically healthy again, and if the feeling happens again, try to consult a doctor.
  • cocreative

    Well, it depends. If it is your first to wear contact lenses, it may burn at first, but your eyes will get used to the contacts after a few minutes and your eyes will not burn. However, if you eyes keep burning after minutes, you need to take the contacts off from your eyes and see if there is something in your eyes or on the contacts. You should make sure that there is nothing else in your eyes or on the contacts when you are trying to put on them. And also, there are two sides of your contacts, the front and back. You should put on them in a correct way because if you wear your contacts upside down, you eyes will also feel like burning when you are wearing them. And it is very easy to tell the differences of the two sides. If it looks like a perfect semi-circle, then it is the right side to your eyes, otherwise, it is not the correct side and you need to turn it up when you are trying to wear it.

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