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Why do my eyes ache when i sick?

When i am sick, my eyes often hurt? Is it normal? How to relieve it?
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  • Jonathan

    It is very normal that your eyes hurt when you are sick. This not only happens when you are catching a cold. Your may also have something other than a cold. Your eye pain may also occur with some sinus infections. Next I will introduce some ways to you to relieve your pain. You can apply an ice pack to your eye for 15 to 20 min, which can reduce the pain and swelling. If your eyes hurt because of dryness, you can try to make yourself cry with tears. You can considering giving your eyes a cold treatment, which can help with easing your eyes. Good luck to you and may the best wishes to you!
  • Adam tuener

    Don' t worry, it is really very normal. But that does' t mean that you don' t have health problems. And the most obvious reason is that you may be suffering muscle soreness, especially when you are catching a cold. When meeting this situation, you can have a cold compress on your eyes, but remember to make the ice clean before you deal with it. However, not all people's eyes aching for muscle soreness. Sometimes when you feel your eyes are painful but actually they are not, it is something wrong with your other parts, such as nose or throat. After all, the three parts are connected together. You had better go to see a doctor.

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