Cathy Dailey

Why do my contacts get cloudy after i cry?

My contacts usually get cloudy after I cry, why? Just for curiosity, lol.
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  • Yaron Cheng

    When you are crying, mutiplied protein deposits are producted intensely. The amount of protein deposits is just like weeks of protein deposits when you don't cry. It's just like you wear your contacts without cleaning them for weeks. Now that you know why they get cloudy? Therefore, it's best for you to clean your contact lenses with solutions as soon as you cry.
  • April

    This is quite normal, don' t worry. But I still suggest you not to cry with your contacts in your eyes. You know, when you are crying, your eyes will become watery. Naturally, your watery eyes can easily lead to some mist to your lenses. However, there is another reason, that is, you haven' t cleaned your lenses regularly. Am I guessing right? Anyway, I still strongly suggest you not to do that. For your eyes' sake, you should take care of them.
  • giles

    Well, from what you said, I think there are something wrong with your use of contact lenses. For typically, we don't get cloudy. I assume that you have been wearing such contact lenses for much too long each time, thus some problems arise. Because tears will not get your lenses cloudy. Just try to make proper use of your lenses and consult a doctor when necessary.
  • Jason lester

    When you cry, tears will produce protein deposits immediately, which can cause the protein film that would affect your vision. As I said above is from Internet. However, My guess is that your contacts in a normal temperature, but the tears’ temperature is a little higher then contacts. Like as in winter and rainy days, inside the glass to fog, seriously affecting your vision.

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