Why do my contacts feel gritty?

Is it normal that sometimes my contacts will feel gritty? I had thought it might be coz that my contacts got torn but which turned out not.
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  • Vidadimir

    First of all, you should check more carefully to see if your contacts are torn or not. As you know, contacts are too small to find if there is a crack or something else on the surface. You had better place them under a lamp to have a careful look. Then you need to check if your contacts solution is expired. You have to know that expired contacts solution can be very bad for your contacts. Well, above are just objective factors. We still can' t exclude some subjective factors such as eye diseases. You may know that some kind of eye diseases such as an eye infection, an eye inflammation and so on can absolutely get your eyes feel uncomfortable. When you are suffering from these, you had better not wear contacts or you may feel gritty. Wish you good luck!
  • Daniel christian

    Since you have already felt gritty in your eyes, you had better stop wearing contacts right away! Let' s say like this, when you feel wrong in your eyes, it means that your eyes are suffering from an attack led to by an eye infection. This is not good. You should take some measures. Drop your eyes with some mild eye drops, it will be better if you do that under an eye doctor' s guidance. However, only doing this is far from enough. You need to take in more vitamins which can help relieve your symptom. It is a good habit that eating vegetable and fruit every day coz they just contain rich various vitamins.

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