Kevin lee

Why did my contacts make my eyes red?

After taking off my contact lenses, my eyes are red. Also, i feel a little burning and dry. Is this normal? How should i deal with it?
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  • Nicholas campbell

    Hi, it sounds not very good for your eyes. It is probably caused by bacterial infection. As we know, contact lenses require to take off everyday before we go to bed. If you not keep them well over night, or you not clean them before you wear it, it is possible cause eye infection. That can be very serious to the eyes. So, i suggest not wear your contact lenses the next day. You can wear eyeglasses instead. Or some antibiotic eye drops may help your eyes recover from red and burn eyes.
  • Jade scott

    You may wear your contact lenses for a too long time. It is normal for people get dry eyes for long time wearing contact lenses. Apply some eye drops that can help you relieve your dry eyes. As for your red eyes, it is hard to see what causes it. But it may be infection caused by contact lenses. Taking a good rest, If your eyes still red and burning the next day, you need to see a doctor for help. If it is relieved after whole night resting, it just caused by tiredness. Anyway, i suggest not wear contact lenses for someday for the sake of your eye health.

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