Jordan smith

Which one is better, Gucci or Versace? why?

I want to buy sunglasses for fashion and eye shielding. I heard that Gucci and Versace are good brand for sunglasses. But which one is better? Can you give me some idea?

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  • Connor scott

    Many people may think that both Versace and Gucci are high end fashion. In addition, they are both very famous, and they also have their own advantages. Neither is better than the other. However, to my point of view, if I have to choose one from the two, I think Versace is better, because Gucci is not as popular as it was. Versace, on the other hand , has been becoming more popular. If you are fashionable, Versace may be a good choice .
  • Zoe may

    Personally,I prefer Gucci a lot.I think Gucci is much more famous than versace.Besides,I have already owned two pairs of Gucci and when I wear them,I really get a lot of compliments.I feel proud of myself when I wear them.Well,I am not flattering myself.But I have to say that I really look like a star when I wear them and I just look very elegant in them.That is why I strongly suggest u to choose them.I bet u will fall in love with them at the very first sight.

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