Jackson raphael

Where to buy nike maxsight contact lenses?

HELP!!! Where can I buy nike maxsight contact lenses? This is really very important to me.
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Answers (2)

  • Ana clive

    Lol, you really don' t need to worry so much. Actually, you can get them in a lot of places. But I bet it will cost you less if you buy them online. I remembered that I once saw them online and they just cost you about 50 dollars online. But you should know that they are daily contacts so that you have to change them every day. I know they are much better than other contacts, but I still don' t suggest you to wear them every day. After all, contacts can' t be good to your eyes. If you already make up your mind to buy them, you may have a try on Amazon or ebay.
  • Joseph campbell

    I know this kind of Nike contacts, they seem to be kind of sports contacts. One of its function is to replace your sunglasses. As you may know, sometimes, you can' t wear sunglasses when you are doing sports outside. But if you wear regular contacts, your eyes may get hurt by the strong uv rays. They also have several colors for your choice, unlike colored contacts, they aim at protecting your eyes.

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