Ana evelyn

Where to buy good fake eyeglasses or clear lens glasses?

I have no nearsightedness. But i want to wear eyeglasses for cool. And my friend told me that i can buy fake eyeglasses or clear lens glasses. What are they? Where can i get it?
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Answers (2)

  • Makayla raphael

    Hi, the fake eyeglasses are also called non prescription eyeglasses, clear lens eyeglasses and plan (plain) eyeglasses. The eyeglasses lenses have zero power that don't correct your vision. That is to say, they have no function of vision aids. And almost every eyeglasses shop can offer those fake eyeglasses. You can buy them at any stores. You just need ask the optician give your eyeglasses with zero or non prescription lenses.
  • ct_exposed

    Dear friend, you can find fake eyeglasses or clear glasses in any eyeglasses shops. Nowadays, many people will wear glasses as a decoration. They are really cool. But I think the glasses sold online are much cheaper than that in the physical shops. I just bought two pairs of glasses on Firmoo last week for it's her 4th anniversary, we can get a discount. There are so many beautiful glasses on sale. You can have a look too.

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