Kimberly Y

Where can i get prescription hipster glasses?

I love hipster glasses. But i have heavy myopia. I am here just want to know if it possible for me to have prescription hipster glasses? If so, where can i get it?
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Answers (2)

  • crazycowgirl89

    There are so many place that you can get hipster style eyeglasses. If you want a hipster look, you shall consider your clothes styles, too. If you match properly clothes, you can be hipster with a pair of simple and classic black eyeglasses frame. And they are surely can be made with prescription lenses. And almost every eyeglasses shop have black framed eyeglasses. So, don't worry, you can go any eyeglasses shop you want around you to buy a pair of hipster glasses.
  • Alisa O.

    It is very easy to buy prescription hipster glasses. There are so many eyeglasses shops today. You can buy eyeglasses both from local eyeglasses shop or online eyeglasses stores. And the so called hipster glasses usually a type of black framed plastic eyeglasses. But if you want to be hipster, a pair of prescription hipster glasses is not enough, you shall also consider your clothes styles. You can search online some people make up in hipster style. It may help you.

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