Where can I get no nose pad eyeglasses?

I plan to get a pair of no nose pad eyeglasses, but I do not know where can I get them. Can anyone help me?
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  • lova

    Well, as internet platforms occur and change our life style, it is wise to buy items like eyeglasses on them. Alibaba.com, Ebay.com and some other web retailing market have a large variety of products for selection at a lower price. Shopping on the Internet is really convenient and save a lot of money because you do not need to pay for their shop rental fees and overheads, which is commonly distributed over customers. However, you'll be able to buy them at the mall as well as buy them online, especially when it is at a discount of 70% or more during some special season sales. Beside, you can integrate words in the comments under the details.
  • cnpriest

    Nose pads are small, which protect your nose from the frame of your glasses. There are two types of nose pads. One of them is fixed pattern and the other is stipule activity type. Generally speaking, plastic frames are made without nose pads. Metal frames without nose pads are hard to find out. But it is not impossible. Savile Row Walmer introduces two new glasses without nose pads. So you can check the glasses online.
  • catherinecraven

    You can either buy them from boutique shop,eyeglasses shops or online shops. Firstly, It will be eaiser to find glasses without nose pad online, because online shops often sell things which are not easy to find in hypostatic shops. Secondly,you can also go to the eyeglasses shops and ask for a pair of eyeglasses without nose pads. The optometrist can remove the nose pads for you if you wish. Lastly, you can buy decorative glasses which often have no nose pad in boutique shops, because these glasses are not used for vision correction but rather decorative acessories.

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