Where can i buy non prescription glasses?

I have a good eyesight. But I want to wear some cute glasses to match my clothes.Where can I buy non prescription glasses?
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  • Marissa edward

    Since what you need are non prescription glasses, you can buy them from several sources, such as from the store, online and so on. However, before you buy your non prescription glasses, you need to go to an eyewear store or the doctor to have your eyes examined, and then you will know what type you need. You can have a lot of choice. But I suggest you to pick up a light pair, because heavy pair may make your nose shape change. Good luck to you!!
  • Jordan Brown

    Since you just want to buy glasses for style, you can choose to buy non prescription glasses. Don' t worry, non prescription glasses will not damage your eyesight. You can purchase them either online or in an eyewear shop. Pick up a beautiful frame which matches your face. Or just go to the store to have a try and remember what you pick up, and then go back home to search it online. I heard that online prices are usually much cheaper than they are in the store. I bought my sunglasses in firmoo. I find it quite good. You can search it online or go to other sites to have a look. Have a nice day!

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