Where Can I buy fake eyeglasses for fashion look?

A lots of friends around me wear eyeglasses. And they look great. I want to have a pair too. However, i have good vision. Some people said that fake glasses are available. Really where can i find them? And is it bad for eyes to wear fake eyeglasses.
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  • chokeyourthroat

    It is very easy to buy fake eyeglasses. From your description, you expected to buy non-prescription eyeglasses that have no function of vision correction. Some people also called the eyeglasses as Plano eyeglasses. In fact, almost every eyeglasses shop (both online and local shop) provide that eyeglasses. But personally, you can buy them from online for money saving.
  • Bernice

    Guy,u really don't need to be bothered a lot by this.Actually,this is really an easy question to answer.U should know that there r so many places for u to get fake eyeglasses for fashion look.I think there r some amazing places for ur reference such as amazon,ebay,firmoo and some other places.Personally,I love shopping on amazon a lot.Cuz things there mostly r real and u don't need to worry if they will be fake and ur money will be wasted there.BTW,amazon also sells some famous brands and u don't need to worry if u can't find ur favourite.

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