Jason warren

Where can i buy fake eyeglasses?

I want to get fake glasses to flatter my face because i have perfect eyesight? Does anyone know good places to buy fake glasses?
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  • Angela

    According to your description, what you just need are some ordinary plano glasses. I can understand that you want a pair of beautiful glasses which will not affect your vision. You had better go to some good stores to pick up the right glasses. Do not buy them just at booths. They are neither of good quality nor good for your eyes. I strongly recommend you buy them online, you don' t need to go out but can still view a large amount of nice and useful glasses. And a lot of stores online can also make special glasses for you, which is very convenient and trustworthy. Try firmoo. Com, most of my friends and I buy glasses there. Hope my recommendation can help you.
  • Christina keith

    You can get such fake glasses at almost any eyeglasses shop. Commonly, people prefer call it non prescription glasses, Plano glasses or clear glasses. The eyeglasses are used for enhancing look and won't affect on your vision when you wear it. To choose the glasses, the outlook is the main factor you shall take into consideration when you choose it. Just choose it according your personality, as well as your face shape. Good luck.

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