Cassidy bell

where can i buy eyeglasses nose pads?

The nose pads on my eyeglasses are yellow, and something green inside. It look too old. I want to change them with new nose pads. But where can i get nose pads. I didn't find anywhere sell nose pads only. Can you kindly tell me where can i buy eyeglasses nose pads?

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  • walkaboutpnw

    In common, you can get nose pads from eyeglasses shop. If your nose pads are too old and really bad, you can go the eyeglasses shop where you bought your eyeglasses from, you can ask the optician to change your nose pads. They may charge you for the nose pads if you bought them for a several years. If you can't remember where you buy, you can go any eyeglasses shop and consult their sellers. I believe that you can find new nose pads. Good luck.
  • walkerpaul

    If you do really think your nose pads are too old and you want to buy a pair of new one, you can find them in any eyeglasses shop near your home. They are very cheap. But I suggest you to buy them in the same shop where you buy your glasses, because the seller knows your glasses better and maybe they can find the same type of nose pads for your glasses. While if you can find a kind of cleaning solution in the eyeglasses shops, you can wash your nose pads and your glasses with this cleaning solution. This can save your money.

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