Where are oakley sunglasses manufactured?

I am told that Oakley sunglasses are very popular in the mall of America, and even a lot of people from other countries will go to there to buy them. I would love to purchase one pair but I am curious that where they are manufactured.
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  • emmie18

    It is said that Oakley sunglasses are manufactured in America. Yeah, I also like Oakley sunglasses, they make me look so cool. My friend once brought me one pair from America. He told me that it sells well there. Despite the unique style, the high quality also surprised me a lot. After I wear my Oakley, I can totally understand that why so many people are crazy about that. Now I wish my friend could bring me another pair sooner. My Oakley provides me a clear and good vision. I love them!!!
  • cupidityx

    Yep, Oakley sunglasses are very popular all over the world.It also has a long history.Do you know?They have been sold to the US military and US government for more than 20 years.And Oakley's main office is in California.However, if you decide to buy one pair,make sure to buy them through the right way.Because I also heard that there are a lot of fake ones in the market.If it is convenient for you,you had better purchase them in the mall of America.A lot of European and Asian shoppers go to there to buy Oakley.

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