Where are maui jim sunglasses manufactured?

I intend to buy a pair of muai jim sunglasses.I am just curious about where they are manufactured.
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  • Justin fergus

    Well,as far as I have concerned,maui jim sunglasses are made in US.Peoria, Illinois.You may know that the price of maui jim sunglasses is higher than some other big brands sunglasses.So you should be very careful when buying them.As you know,most of the big brands are easily to be copied in the market.There is one way that can ensure you to buy a real pair.Go to maui jim's official website and pick up your sunglasses there, and you will find so many choices there.Hope this helped.
  • electriikheartx

    It seems that Maui Jim Sunglasses are made in Italy,Japan and the USA,However,their place of origin is Hawaii.Nearly all the Maui Jim sunglasses are marketed with such a theme,that is,an oceanic and sporty theme.I have to admit that the price is higher than some other famous sunglasses.So I will help you not to spend a lot of money on a fake one.Following are some ways to tell whether your Maui Jim sunglasses are real or not.Check your Maui Jim sunglasses carefully to see whether they are loose or some parts of them are missing.If you want to buy them online,you had better buy them on the official website of Maui Jim instead of some other websites who just use Maui Jim sunglasses' photos.You know that this trick always cheats a lot of people.Another way is to pay attention to the shipping address,I should warn you that things shipped from Eastern Europe, Africa or Asia can usually be fake.And the last but the smartest way is to call Maui Jim's official number,and telling them your product's reference number.I hope this helped.

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