Jocelyn david

What will happen if you drink eye drops?

My son just told me that the water I drank containing his eye drops.Should I be worried about this?Will I get poisoned?
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  • Sara

    If I were you,I would not treat this as a joke.You have to know that eye drops can easily leads to your diarrhea.And what is worse,it may hurt your stomach.You know,eye drops such as visine can do great harm to people's health if people ingest it.And do not put eye drops into other's drink,you can't play this joke.It is considered a poison if you do it.Good luck!
  • Caleb murphy

    Well,I have to say that you do have very rich imagination.Why do you want to drink eye drops?You are not allowed to drink eye drops because of their containing tetrahydrozoline You can't take it as a joke,It is dangerous for a person,especially for the kids.In most cases,drinking eye drops can lead to your diarrhea.And what is worse,you will have more serious problems such as visine.However,if you drink eyedrops by accident,I suggest you to drink as much water as you can.Then you should go to the doctor in no time.I hope this can help you.

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