What vitamins deficiency causes eye twitching?

This morning I overheard that lack of some kinds of vitamins will lead to eye twitching, but I do not know that what are those vitamins. Can anyone give me a hand?
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  • Shureluck

    You are right, a lack of vitamins can definitely cause eye twitching. Besides, there are also some other reasons which lead to eye twitching such as stress, eye strain, alcohol, allergies and so on. But the common vitamin deficiency which causes eye twitching is B12, I think. You may do not know that B12 actually plays an very important part in muscles and it is good for your vision as well. In fact, not only B12 is the main cause, most of some other B vitamins can also cause vitamins deficiency. You need to take in those B vitamins from some fresh vegetables and some fresh fruits such as carrots, lemon and something else. Hope you can understand what I am talking about.
  • Bruce Robot

    Ok, I am afraid that your concern is quite necessary, for it is true that vitamin deficiency would cause a lot of health problems, inclusive of eye twitching. Generally speaking, vitamin A, B , E series are of great importance to our eye health. Without them, problems would arise, and you are gonna suffer a lot. Try to get some vitamin pills and have healthy diet on a regular basis, more importantly, try to make good use of your eyes.
  • Riley eddy

    Yes, when you lack the vitamin C, your eyes will easily get dry. That is the main reason that causes your eye twitching. You need to use some eye drops to moisture your eyes. In addition, you need to take more food with vitamin C, like vegetables. You should also take notice of the intake of the vitamin A which could make you get the problem of night vision.

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